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Pushing the doors of Tosca is like Tuscany unfolding before you. At every step, you encounter a painter, a sculptor, a grandmother, an artisan, a philosopher... The history of this corner of Italy sweeps you away. In turn, it permeates you and seizes your senses, just as every corner of our restaurant has been possessed. Its wealth and culture inspire Ivan Baretti as he garnishes and presents each dish like his work of art. They also inspired our Michelin-starred chef to create a menu that pays homage to the great classics of Italian cuisine, with innovation, freshness, and modernity.

An authentic Italian experience conducive to sharing, gathering, and intimacy—this is the entire premise of Tosca, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Simply unforgettable.

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In the heart of the Eaux-Vives district in Geneva, Tosca is one of those Michelin-starred restaurants that beats this cosmopolitan city's rhythm. The most illustrious organisations and renowned establishments join in the tempo for a business dinner or a private reception. And while its spacious private salons are dressed and arranged according to their desires, both in the kitchen and dining room, the restaurant's team orchestrates the perfect waltz and recites the score of an exceptional event in unison.

A unique and gastronomic experience that will transport your guests into the world of paintings and sculptures by maestro Marco Borgianni and the creative cuisine of Michelin-starred chef Ivan Baretti. Enjoy.

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A unique atmosphere shaped by two men for whom Tuscany is both a starting point and a common foundation—Tosca shares a story, a fusion of two souls, the ultimate symbiosis between Jean-Jacques Ghelfi and Marco Borgianni. A philanthropist for one and a painter-sculptor for the other, they came together through the prism of Italian art and their love for Italian cuisine to create a place filled with emotion.

« Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail, » as Leonardo da Vinci liked to say.
Italian pictorial frescoes, Murano blown glass, patinated bronze plates, Florentine fabrics from Gucci and Pucci, silks, lace from Tavernelle, and so much more. Take your seat, the ballet has begun.



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« Every day, we witness Tosca's grandeur. Everything is orchestrated to perfection, down to the millimetre. The sense of excellence is pervasive, and Italy reigns supreme. My favourite part? When the intensity subsides in the kitchen and the end of the evening takes over. Together, we take pride in our work, and laughter fills the air. We are a great team. »
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Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant in Geneva

At Tosca, a Michelin-starred restaurant, discover the flavours of Italian cuisine in the heart of Geneva in an exceptional gastronomic setting. A unique culinary experience where the refinement of dishes and the quality of ingredients are the guiding principles. Under the leadership of Michelin-starred Chef Ivan Baretti , Tosca offers extraordinary cuisine. The dishes are carefully crafted from skilfully selected, seasonal ingredients, focusing on authentic flavours of Italian cuisine. Every plate is a work of art, harmoniously combining textures, colours, and flavours to delight our guests' palates.

At the gourmet restaurant Tosca, guests are invited to embark on an immersive culinary experience, right in the heart of Italy. The elegance of the setting, artistic decor, attentive service, and refined selection of wines complete this timeless gastronomic journey.

Beyond the excellence of its cuisine, the Michelin-starred restaurant Tosca, located in Geneva, stands out for its pervasive artistic elegance that defines the venue's identity. Paying tribute to great masters and artisans, every detail celebrates Italy, particularly Tuscany, a region cherished by Jean-Jacques Ghelfi and Marco Borgianni, Tosca's owner and painter/sculptor, respectively.

Whether for a romantic dinner, a special event, or simply to treat yourself, the Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant Tosca is a go-to address for lovers of Italian cuisinein Geneva. Book your table now and let yourself be swept away by the enchanting aromas and authentic flavours of Italian cuisine. An extraordinary culinary journey awaits you at this gastronomic restaurant, which passionately celebrates the Italian roots of gastronomy.

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