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Menu tasting


Emblematic recipes in 4 courses
140.00 Frs

Carta bianca

Chef's surprises in 6 courses

Reservation only at lunch
165.00 Frs


Discover our plant - based recipes in 4 courses
130.00 Frs


Business lunch in 3 courses - Lunch only
59.00 Frs



Eggplant perlina

Mini eggplant marinated in basil vinegar - black sesame - parmesan emulsion aged 36 months
36.00 Frs

Mediterranean red tuna

Snacked tuna fillet, consommé - Datterino tomato water - Seasonal vegetables
44.00 Frs


Veal grenadine like a carpaccio cooked at low temperature - Celery root - Capers - Veal juice with marine flavours.
44.00 Frs

Primi piatti

Plin Ravioli

Ravioli del plin stuffed with guinea fowl from Dombes - Parmesan – Salmis sauce
42.00 Frs

Linguine vongole Veraci

Linguine Verrigni - Vongole Veraci - Cebette onion – Saffron
44.00 Frs

Raviolo aperto

Double Pasta leaf – Local chard ragu - Red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo –Lime - Salted ricotta
46.00 Frs

Secondi piatti

Beef from our mountain pastures

Beef tenderloin tagliata - Tomato and cherry condiment - Vegetable jardinière
66.00 Frs

Rascasse capon

Steamed capon rascasse - Courgettes en escabèche - Sheep Ricotta - Caciucco sauce
68.00 Frs

Mieral cockerel

Two-cooked miéral cockerel à la diavola - Green beans - Anchovy-scented red bell pepper salad (For two people)
90.00 Frs


Il latte

Textures of milk
18.00 Frs

Yogurt & Menta

Yogurt & raspberry cremeux, mint ice cream and granita - Candied blueberries
21.00 Frs

Zuccotto fiorentino

Double génois with almonds - Creamy ricotta, orange and alkermes
21.00 Frs

La fragola

Strawberry mousse with fortified soda – Fresh wild strawberry salad – Celery sorbet
24.00 Frs

Bruand cheesemaker's selection

28.00 Frs

Home made ice creams & sorbets

6.00 Frs

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