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"Intimate", "Grandiose", "Modern", "Popular"... The identity of Tosca takes you to Rome for a tribute to the Opera Tosca, in which love, passion, and art engulf you with splendour—allto the ardent music of Giacomo Puccini, its composer.
Once you are immersed in this atmosphere, take a seat. At the table, Tosca is an ode to artisans. Hands can't help but caress the linen and lace tablecloths crafted by the gifted hands of Tosca Fedi. A woman, a lacemaker, a treasure marked by infinite gentleness, who crochets with unmatched skill by the light of her window, poetically reminds us of the passing of time.
Tosca reveals the essence of Tuscany, unveiling its beauty through the eyes and palate. It sublimates Tuscany without ever changing it.

The restaurant



« We approach, we smile, our hands touch,
And we remember that we walked together,
That the soul is immortal, and that yesterday is tomorrow. »
- Alfred de Musset.

It is this profound friendship that animates Tosca every day.
If you happen to meet Segnore Ghelfi, it will be his pleasure to guide you through the restaurant. A true open book, he immerses you in the history of art and takes you on a journey through the hills of Chianti and Siena with anecdotes that have shaped the history of his restaurant.
And if you wonder which artist has scattered his works on the tables and ceilings of Tosca, Marco Borgianni will quickly reveal himself to you. As a painter and sculptor, he has taken hold of the place with a masterful hand, turning it into a showcase and celebration of Tuscany. A tribute to Tosca—a beloved friend whom we salute every day.



« I saw the Angel in the marble and carved until I set him free » - Michelangelo

Tosca is to be explored. In this quintessence of Italian expertise, artists and artisans express themselves. Here are some highlights:

- At the table, you savour your meal under the contemplative gaze of the "Il Letterato Water" candelabrum, a symbol of wisdom. A masterpiece signed by the Ginori House.

- On the ceiling, the benevolent gaze of Leda watches over you. The lost painting, "Leda and the Swan," is a work by Leonardo Da Vinci, reinterpreted here by Marco Borgianni using an inimitable technique. Each of the countless nuances of colour is a work in itself: The work of time and oxidation of the copper leaf, skillfully handled by Borgianni.

- Under a glass dome near the piano, two high heels designed and made in 1930 for American stars by Salvatore Ferragamo himself invite you to dance. The devil is in the details. From the same House, a scarf painting accompanied by other Florentine fabrics from Gucci and Pucci will intrigue you.



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